Thursday, July 29, 2010

The TOP 5 Social Security MYTHS you should know.

My friend Lee is a plethora of great info talking with him is always a fun learning experience.
 BTW all his information is always correct.

Myth #1: Social Security is going broke.

Reality: There is no Social Security crisis. By 2023, Social Security will have a $4.6 trillion surplus (yes, trillion with a 'T'). It can pay out all scheduled benefits for the next quarter-century with no changes whatsoever. After 2037, it'll still be able to pay out 75% of scheduled benefits—and again, that's without any changes. The program started preparing for the Baby Boomers' retirement decades ago. Anyone who insists Social Security is broke probably wants to break it themselves.

Myth #2: We have to raise the retirement age because people are living longer.

Reality: This is a red-herring to trick you into agreeing to benefit cuts. Retirees are living about the same amount of time as they were in the 1930s. The reason average life expectancy is higher is mostly because many fewer people die as children than they did 70 years ago. What's more, what gains there have been are distributed very unevenly—since 1972, life expectancy increased by 6.5 years for workers in the top half of the income brackets, but by less than 2 years for those in the bottom half. But those intent on cutting Social Security love this argument because raising the retirement age is the same as an across-the-board benefit cut.

Myth #3: Benefit cuts are the only way to fix Social Security.

Reality: Social Security doesn't need to be fixed. But if we want to strengthen it, here's a better way: Make the rich pay their fair share. If the very rich paid taxes on all of their income, Social Security would be sustainable for decades to come. Right now, high earners only pay Social Security taxes on the first $106,000 of their income. But conservatives insist benefit cuts are the only way because they want to protect the super-rich from paying their fair share.

Myth #4: The Social Security Trust Fund has been raided and is full of IOUs

Reality: Not even close to true. The Social Security Trust Fund isn't full of IOUs, it's full of U.S. Treasury Bonds. And those bonds are backed by the full faith and credit of the United States. The reason Social Security holds only treasury bonds is the same reason many Americans do: The federal government has never missed a single interest payment on its debts. President Bush wanted to put Social Security funds in the stock market—which would have been disastrous—but luckily, he failed. So the trillions of dollars in the Social Security Trust Fund, which are separate from the regular budget, are as safe as can be.

Myth #5: Social Security adds to the deficit

Reality: It's not just wrong—it's impossible! By law, Social Security's funds are separate from the budget, and it must pay its own way. That means that Social Security can't add one penny to the deficit.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part L

I have been doing a lot of thinking about this one
I wanted this post to mean something not just fun and information like many of my other posts under this topic.

so this L goes out to one person and they know who they are. (319)


this L that I am grateful for has been with me for many many years and when thought about has always brought me a smile that would linger with its feeling.

Love N Soul
is a time in my life where I felt really good in my own skin and for just being me.

I was blessed to have a great person come into my life some 18 years ago who was fun, easy to be around, we could spend hours talking about nothing and everything. It was always easy to just be myself with this person.
every time/any time was spent together hanging out with mutual friends or just our selves emotionally we took care of each other.(at least that is how I felt)
I was going to school at the time and I would find it hard to study where I was living so they offered their place while they were at work. On days of a test I would find little notes that were signed LOVE and there name or initial . eventually some letters developed between us as a way to talk without really having to say anything. and Love N Soul was beginning to be signed.(yes there is a lot of other info missing for good reason)
We never went into detail as to why there was such a connection between us and never followed anything deeper to see what could develop.
(i am also not going into deep detail here for that is a private conversation)
We were great friends.
That kind of encouragement is hard to find without strings being attached. Just knowing them and having them in my life at that moment meant the world to me. There support and concern and friendship has stuck with me.
Love N Soul  grew from this relationship (there is more added to it but I will keep that private)
We lost touch for 12 years and found each other again online and it is still easy to talk and not have to worry about saying the wrong thing. I love this person deeply and they know it now, and one day they will hear it from me, hopefully over a shot of Patron when we are very old and gray. :-)
Love N Soul to you my 319 calling you my friend is not enough, you are ingrained in my heart.(4-ever...)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Frog, Toad...... Ribbit

I am honored to be asked to share this by my friend Catherine.
One year ago my family moved to Virginia from California and I have been taking pictures of all the critters that have come to visit us at our home. 
We have been blessed to have seen many what I know now to be a Fowler's Toad.
I did some research and was looking for anything with a picture that resembled what we have seen. 

the link above is where I found my info and a great picture.

The pictures below are of the few toads that have visited us this past year. 
The last 4 pictures are of our recent visitor. I captured it in a large container to bring it in to show my kids. then I tried to get a picture of it sitting on the lid of the container and still you really couldn't see its size so I was able to get a picture of it next to my hand. all the great color pictures are of 2 different toads that were both about an inch to an inch and a half in length. 
All were put safely into the wilderness that surrounds my home so they would be safe from my dogs.

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26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... Part 11

I have been giving this a lot of thought and K is also a hard one to think of things to be grateful for.



my kids are 7 and almost 5, I want to know when in the hell did they become people and funny people at that. My son
has a grate sense of humor and a giggle that fills me up.
He has the bestest smooches around.
When he has something to say you can see he is thinking about how to say it.

My daughter is smart and funny and very much the girl.
She has a great feeling to her style and how she thinks her clothes should be.

I can't explain how having my kids has changed me in my soul. they are the best thing I have ever done, and I have learned to see them as the world will see them. I have learned to see them not just as there mother but as another person sees them. I love watching them take care of each other and the next minute be siblings and snotty and mean and all the things that brothers and sisters do to one another.
They make me remember to not take it all so seriously.


there are all kinds of knots, the ones in the deepest part of your muscles that only a deep heat filled message can take away, or the sweet gesture from you mate as they rub your feet without you asking..... :)

My favorite  knots are the ones you find in trees, the gnarled twisted wind formed trees on the side of a cliff that drops off to the ocean. the knots that a grape vine can make as it bends and climbs towards the sky when it is allowed to grow wild.


I am a crocheter, and have not been able to learn to knit at all, I understand the directions but my hands want to crochet. Either allows you to create something, anything. it is relaxing and therapeutic. One day I will learn how to knit.

Monday, July 12, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 10

hmmm gratitude for the tenth letter of our alphabet...LOL



 (smiling) it brings many things to mind.
our joints allow us to walk use our arms move our head, type. they bend and move freely and allow a multitude of things to move not just our limbs.

it is also a hang out place with music, coffee, dancing. It is hoppin with all kinds of fun and excitement.

joint, blunt, mary jane, pot,weed  Marijuana My home state is trying to legalize it to help cut the deficit, hmmmm, you cant smoke cigarettes in your car with minors. I hope they are really thinking about the health of our future and not there pocket books. but then again I am talking about california so it is always about the pocket book and then the after math later.

one high-quality Image via Wikipedia

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26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 9

I,  is the letter of gratitude today

Ice cream,
 ice cube,

hmmmm, I is a hard one to really think about let alone be grateful for any one thing.
I am not feeling very intelligent today....LOL
my brain is in the way of my free  thought to come to me, i am struggling with this and it is annoying. hmmmmm,
my inlet....LOL is not letting in the thoughts for this today.
I think I need a nap.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 8

grateful for


A smiley by Pumbaa, drawn using a text editor.Image via Wikipedia

 it is not a given, it is created by the way we think and how we feel about what we think. It can not be bought with any amount of money and the people who say you can buy it are fooling and lying to themselves.
It is not an easy thing to choose to have for some. Their self talk gets in the way, there feelings of not being worthy holds them back.
And this one pisses me off........Ladies you do not NEED a man in your life to be happy. I have seen soooo many women girls really give up there kids to there own mothers because of a man. What kind of mother puts there children second to a man...ahhhhhhhh I just don't get it.

My happiness comes from my children and there smiles and the days I don't let the frustrations get in my way I feel deep down the true joy in my soul.
I also find my happiness in the just perfect sunny lightly breezy days and the hearty laughter from great friends.
You all have one, a song, that one song that makes you smile and crank it up.  I have many, by that I mean more than a hand full. but my all time smile maker is Queen ~Fat Bottom Girls. that is my happy song.


it has many meanings
food is the first that comes to mind hard day working and its lunch or dinner time. your stomach is talking and you can not only feel it but hear it loudly.....LOL
The one I like is the type of hunger that motivates you to chase your dreams.

Harley Davidson
| Harley-Davidson |Image by arquera via Flickr

the sound of a Harley.....mmmmmm :) the rumble, the roar, the moan of the sound of it hauling ass down the open road.
Before the motorcycle helmet law was passed in California in 1991 I believe. I loved the feeling of my hair whipping in the wind the wind on my face and the smell of the road.
There is a freedom on a bike that you will never feel in a car. the air blowing into and around you, the changes in temperature. the silence that the road brings to your thoughts because you cant hear anything but the wind and the tires and the passing cars around you.
It has been 16 years since I have been a passenger on a motorcycle and I sooo miss it. Feeling gravity pull on you in the turns and feeling the bike grab the road.

Yes, they can be dangerous and that is usually not because of the riders fault, people have become soooo consumed with themselves they have stopped paying attention to there mirrors and the sounds around them.

stay safe turn down your radio a bit and only use your hands free devices if you must talk while driving and use the hell out of your mirrors and look over your shoulders you will. be saving a life for it.
Happy biking.
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Thursday, July 8, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 7

grateful for


         green, thick, lush, freshly cut grass. I love the way it feels on my bare feet. The way it smells just after it has rained, all covered in the morning dew. The way my dogs roll on it to scratch their backs or dry off after I get them wet with the hose.

      I don't play, but whacking the heck out of a little white ball is really fun. My dad got my daughter a real junior set of clubs for her 4th birthday. It was fantastic, they went out front and he showed her how to hit the ball. she is pretty good to, she is perfecting her game on the Wii....LOL

when I think of them I think of the creepy garden statues that I want to kick. then i think of the cartoon the Littles they remind me of gnomes...LOL and for those who played Dungeons & Dragons I think of them because I lived with friends who played that game for days on end...


The word comes from Renaissance Latin gnomus, which first appears in the works of 16th Century Swiss alchemist Paracelsus. He is perhaps deriving the term from Latin gēnomos (itself representing a Greek γη-νομος, literally "earth-dweller". In this case, the omission of the ē is, as the OED calls it, a blunder. Alternatively, the term may be an original invention of Paracelsus.
Paracelsus uses Gnomi as a synonym of Pygmæi.[3], and classifies them as earth elementals. He describes them as two spans high, very reluctant to interact with humans, and able to move through solid earth as easily as humans move through air.[4][5]
The chthonic spirit has precedents in numerous ancient and medieval mythologies, often guarding mines and precious underground treasures, notably in the Germanic dwarves and the Greek Chalybes,Telchines or Dactyls.[2]

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 6

hmmmm F what I am grateful that is under the letter F


I have a great girl friend, her daughter and mine share a b day, she is funny, smart and willing to do just about anything except spiders.
She will scream like a girl and do the mouse dance on the table and say eww kill it.
 I love her, she and her whole family are awesome. I miss her.

I have another friend that is male and he has been my friend since high school. we get each other, we understand each other.
We just reconnected after 12 years on Facebook and after catching up on our lives it is like we never drifted apart.
Friends get us in way no one else does, they keep our secrets and they tell us when we are full of it and help us get up when we fall. I don't have many friends but the ones I do have are family in more ways than my real family.
I will go to the ends of the earth for my friends I am fiercely loyal.
I also have many friends online and some I have know for over a year, I think of them as real friends. there is an understand and a level of trust that has developed between us.

all the colors, sweet tangy tart sour juicy love love love yummmmmm

Lampyridae is a family of insects in the beetle order Coleoptera. They are winged beetles, and commonly called fireflies or lightning bugs for their conspicuous crepuscular use of bioluminescence to attract mates or prey. Fireflies produce a "cold light", with no infrared or ultraviolet frequencies. This chemically-produced light from the lower abdomen may be yellow, green, or pale red — wavelengths from 510 to 670 nanometers.

My family got to experience fireflies last summer for the first time. It was magic. My kids had soooo much fun catching them and hoping they light up in there hands.
This year there are sooo many of them the twinkling in the trees at night is wonderful.
 I wish I could capture video of the blinking it always makes me smile. there lights remind me of fairies.

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 5

things I am grateful for in


this is a hard one, I am struggling for things to be grateful with E
I think this one will be educational....LOL look an E to be grateful for. but not something I want to blog about.
I am going into the dictionary to find what ever first 3 words that jump out at me

E the very first entry in my dictionary....LOL and the 4th definition is one I like
                The third tone in the scale of C major or he fifth tone in the relative minor scale.

eggs, I like eggs  scrambled and the bread lightly toasted. egg sandwich yummm.

and the very last entry in my dictionary is

Extrados - meaning the upper or exterior curve of an arch......hmmm who knew.

and of course there is electricity and extinguishers

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 4

this post will not have 3 things for D that I am grateful for. 


Dogs all kinds of dogs. I am grateful for them because of there energy and unconditional love, they are always happy to see you. I am partial to Pittbulls. they are such a great breed. they are fun ,funny, strong and sensitive all at the same time. Max-million my bubbie, OH how I miss him so. He has been gone for 4 yrs now. he was awesome red nose, red brindle, fat lips, funny, he was and has been the only dog smart enough to go sit on the first step of our inground pool to cool off. It started as him getting a drink and letting the water fall out of his mouth onto his chest, then i put his front feet into the large bucket and he took it from there. 

Now I am a huge supporter of Villalobos Rescue Center in California 

they are also going on to there second season on Animal Planet with there show Pittbulls and Parolees. Please fan them on your Facebook and pass there info around they sooooo need support/donations/volunteers.
they are doing great work educating the masses of this very misunderstood breed.

they also have an radio station

I have a pitt mix. ODE is his name and he is gorgeous.
Shepard/Pitt/Dingo desert mutt dog is how I describe him to people
and in the picture above is Ozzy our chihuahua he has all the power in the house. ODE lets him eat first and when they play ODE lets Ozzy get the toy. they are the Odd Couple for sure. they are great dogs. I love them so.

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 3

 hmmmm, with the heat and the kids being out of school I have fallen behind on this large posting.
Today it is going to be a 5 + 3 letter post.

I am grateful for


Crochet: I was taught by my grandma as a little girl. It allows me to relax and make items mostly afgans and baby blankets. Over the years I have learned to read patterns and make snowflakes and Amirugami dolls and toys.
It keeps me connected to my grandma.

and now my addiction
Coca-Cola Logo.Image via Wikipedia
I have been drinking Coke Cola forever it seems. I remember as a little girl it was RC cola...LOL going with my dad to get some in the midget cans from the liquor store.
I love everything about it taste sooo yummy ice cold on a hot day or after hard yard work. I have a small collection of items. almost had a bathroom entirely decorated in Coke stuff ....LOL
some day I may even get a small tattoo of the logo or a glass bottle.hmmmm keep putting it off.....LOL

Crayola Crayons

want a smile open a brand new box and take a slow smell of Crayola crayons they are so colorful and fun and makes you want to get a coloring book and sit down and color all day.
I have 2 children so I color often and I hoard my new box to myself...yes it is mean and not fair..... I am sorry but they like to peal off the paper and then they break and get all yucky and end up in the large box of there crayons.

founded in 1885 as Binney & Smith—best known for its almost ubiquitouscrayons. Originally an industrial pigment supply company, it soon shifted its focus to art products for home and school use, beginning with chalk then crayons, followed later by colored pencilsmarkerspaintsmodeling clay and other related goods.

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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence day... what are you choosing to break-free of?!

I had to share this from Jairek Robbins Facebook page, he always askes the best questions that can be life changing.
I see this day as an opportunity to finally take a stand, get rid of all the junk that has been slowing you down (mentally, emotionally, physically...etc.) and FINALLY show up for the life you have been dreaming of... here are a few questions that might help!! (you might also want to find some of your favorite powerful music to use while going through these...)

Imagine a day that gave you the opportunity to declare your independence from any and all things/thoughts/people/emotions...etc. that have held you back, slowed you down, or prevented you form living the life you have always dreamed of... What have they cost you in your past? What incredible opportunities have they stolen from you? What results have they ruined? What pain have these things brought into your life? How have they affected your health? Your family? Your relationships? How much longer are you going to settle for this...

What if today was that Independence Day?? Are you ready to break free?
What are you going to declare your independence from?
What is no longer going to be even a possibility in your life from this day forward?
What new standard are you going to set in your life?
Who are you going to be?
Imagine a life where you have been living with this new standard... what would life be like? How would you feel each and everyday? What would your relationships be like? What would be possible?
Imagine living 5 years into the future like that... how would you feel? What would be happening?
Jump forward 10 years, 15 years?? Could you imagine what life would be like!?

What would you do to celebrate your new decision today?? How would you use this time to build upon what's possible in your life? What healthy, fun, decisions could you make to really enhance the overall quality of your life...

Happy Independence Day!!

Saturday, July 3, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for......

Part 2
todays gratitude goes out to


I am grateful for BBQ on this July 4th.
My husband is an awesome cook and he can really hook up a BBQ.
This year our dinner on this 4th of July will be Grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad and butter pound cake for desert. followed by TNT fireworks on the driveway. (similar to the ones shown, we got ours at costco)

EPIC FIREWORKS - Sir Peaceful 22 fireworks sel...Image by EpicFireworks via Flickr

also I am grateful for a comfy Bed that is big enough for all 4 of us to relax and sleep in relative comfort. That will change as the kids grow...LOL

and last for this post

Bice Blue....I have never heard of it and according to my dictionary it is a  noun, color. A moderate blue maybe a blue grey.......hmmm who knew.

what B's are you grateful for on this gorgeous July day.

Have a safe weekend everyone.
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Friday, July 2, 2010

doing it the way it should have always been done

Money is soooo tight that people cant feed there families, they are struggling.
I have always wanted a garden when I lived in California, I just never got around to it, that and living in the high desert with no wind break would have made it very tough.
Moving to Virginia and surviving the snowmageddon and being snowed in got me thinking .....we have to do it different.

We as a nation have gotten away from the process of homesteading.
having a garden that produced soooo much you learned the art of canning and shared it with family and neighbors, gave it as gifts.
doing my research online for canning I came across this great Facebook page and want to share it with you........Back-to-the-Basics-Hope-for-the-best-Prepare-for-the-Worst.
There you will find all kinds of ways and things that are sooo useful for camping or living off the grid or just to better feed your family when the grocery store is not an option.

my favorite Facebook page is .....Straw Bale Gardening - No weeding, no hoeing, no tilling.
I am such a fan of this page I almost spam it....LOL

How about really finding out what it would take to survive for a year, check this out and run your family numbers just to see.....

and last for today check out this site ......

I have learned sooo much from these pages and sites that I am implementing them into my household, even though my husband is the cook.
I will be learning to can and freeze and store our garden  harvest.

this year is the learning year for me and next year it will be plentyfull.

I will have a pantry that will sustain us if money gets so tight or we have a natural weather issue again.


also look into food grade DE (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth) it is fantastic and better for you than any store bought  chemicals for bugs, fleas and intestional worms just to name a few.

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for

I was thinking as I was falling asleep the other night, which is usually not a good thing for me in the terms of a good night sleep.
I was thinking of what to blog about next that was relevent and interesting and of course that made for a restless night.
All kinds of thoughts popped in and out of my brain as I tried to sleep in my waaaaay comfy bed and the ONE thought I kept coming back to was GRATITUDE.
So here I go starting at the begining and I am looking for input on this one.

I am grateful for Air, the feeling of it going into my lungs and how good a deep breath feels.
How the Air feels against my skin on a warm summer day.

Apples and the tart crispness, there bright red, golden yellow and happy  tangy almost sour green calling to me in the produce section.

and third...
Adventure accourding to the dictionary it is a noun, a hazardous or uncertain undertaking...hmmmm not sure I agree with that one but i can see how it applies.
The second deffinition unusual or exciting experience

I am liking that one, that is the one I am on.

to be continued...