Saturday, July 3, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for......

Part 2
todays gratitude goes out to


I am grateful for BBQ on this July 4th.
My husband is an awesome cook and he can really hook up a BBQ.
This year our dinner on this 4th of July will be Grilled chicken, baked beans, potato salad and butter pound cake for desert. followed by TNT fireworks on the driveway. (similar to the ones shown, we got ours at costco)

EPIC FIREWORKS - Sir Peaceful 22 fireworks sel...Image by EpicFireworks via Flickr

also I am grateful for a comfy Bed that is big enough for all 4 of us to relax and sleep in relative comfort. That will change as the kids grow...LOL

and last for this post

Bice Blue....I have never heard of it and according to my dictionary it is a  noun, color. A moderate blue maybe a blue grey.......hmmm who knew.

what B's are you grateful for on this gorgeous July day.

Have a safe weekend everyone.
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  1. B is for baby - I have two who have grown into caring adults.
    BB is for beautiful babies - most particularly my granddaughters; one of whom is getting ready to start kindergarden; the second will soon be walking
    BB is also for best boys: one son, two grandsons who I can't wait to see on my next visit.
    B is for blessing. I am truly blessed to have a family I love so dearly.