Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The year of learning

May 7,2010 the kids, our 2 dogs and I landed in our new state.
Not but 2 days earlier my house in California (3bedroom 3 bathroom on an acre of desert) was being packed up by hired movers from my husbands employer. I was a mess. I was alone to deal with the packing up and moving of the entire house and 2 cars  across the country.

Mark, my husband moved here  in April and found us a very nice rental in less than 2 weeks. His relocation and back to work start date was April 27th. He landed on the 25th....he was a mess as well and was drivin to get us into a home that would allow our big dog. (pictures to follow)

May was mild and gorgeous, an adventure to learn a new state and new city.
The traffic laws are different then in California. Here the left lane is only used for getting out of the way of merging traffic and for passing, that is it! 

June was exciting, the kids got to see fireflies for the first time. there were so many it looked like fairies were in the trees when it was completley dark out. The twinkle lights my daughter called them before she knew what they were. I taught them how to catch them in there hands without hitting them out of the sky.
what else did we encounter, wolf spider that was about 2 inches in diameter, and a few rat snakes and black snakes. We now have a rat living in our basement that is about 5' long, I am not sure if it is the 2 footer that got in at the end of the summer last year. I am thinking it might be. I am not too worried about it except for our chihuahua and a snake that size  would end bad. anyhow moving on...LOL

Fall came and the trees were amazing to my husband, they looked like the mountain sides were on fire. it was gorgeous.
Then our first snow and our first time shoveling out by hand and hiring a snow plow to clear the 300ft. of our unpaved driveway to the street. not so bad we did really well.
Then as the news called it snomeggedon hit us, we had a foot or more hit us at any given time, then for a week we were snowed in .
It was bad, scary bad. the snow was 3ft and is some places higher. it took us 4 days to shovel a path to the street so my daughter could get the school bus. We couldn't hire the plow again because the city hadn't cleared our road.
That is when I knew we had to start living differently, we have noone to come and help us here. we know noone. so I am going to learn the art of canning and I am starting a strawbale garden this year. and preparing for a much larger garden next year.  I do not want to go through another winter with my husband freaking out on our empty cupboards.... it was something he has never experienced.
Trying to get him onboard with the canning has proven to be a difficult thing he is not being supportative in anyway so I am just going to have to do it.
After the snow finally melted and life got back to normal we enjoyed the cold and living life .
spring came with avengence all the snow has made the bushes bushier and the trees grow like crazy. We have seen a lot of deer on the other side of our fence in the wilderness that surrounds us, a racoon, parts of a skunk on our driveway. We truely live in the country.
I am loving the less stressful way of life out here.
I miss my family and friends in California so much so my heart hurts.

I am still excited to see more of this lovely state and get in to DC as a tourist so to speak.