Friday, September 24, 2010


I have been plagued with blog block.
marriage issues
kid issues
de cluttering
and the odd heat wave have been the life things I have been dealing with since my last post.

and now I am on a crocheting kick I am getting some inventory together for my Etsy store and making baby gifts for family that are about to have new additions.
I am frazzled with many tooo many distractions every 10 seconds.
My Etsy store hmmm that has been and excitement and a heavy doomed feeling of possible failure. (will anyone buy the things I make)
I am now over it and am going to do it and don't care if it takes forever to get a sale, I will get a sale.
i am working on a private sale as I am writing this and am stoked about it. feeling good that I amd something that someone really likes and wants 2 for there twin grand daughters.....wooohoooo

I have yarn and I have fabric from worn used stained clothes that I will upcycle and use to make toys and things to sell. I cant wait.