Friday, July 2, 2010

doing it the way it should have always been done

Money is soooo tight that people cant feed there families, they are struggling.
I have always wanted a garden when I lived in California, I just never got around to it, that and living in the high desert with no wind break would have made it very tough.
Moving to Virginia and surviving the snowmageddon and being snowed in got me thinking .....we have to do it different.

We as a nation have gotten away from the process of homesteading.
having a garden that produced soooo much you learned the art of canning and shared it with family and neighbors, gave it as gifts.
doing my research online for canning I came across this great Facebook page and want to share it with you........Back-to-the-Basics-Hope-for-the-best-Prepare-for-the-Worst.
There you will find all kinds of ways and things that are sooo useful for camping or living off the grid or just to better feed your family when the grocery store is not an option.

my favorite Facebook page is .....Straw Bale Gardening - No weeding, no hoeing, no tilling.
I am such a fan of this page I almost spam it....LOL

How about really finding out what it would take to survive for a year, check this out and run your family numbers just to see.....

and last for today check out this site ......

I have learned sooo much from these pages and sites that I am implementing them into my household, even though my husband is the cook.
I will be learning to can and freeze and store our garden  harvest.

this year is the learning year for me and next year it will be plentyfull.

I will have a pantry that will sustain us if money gets so tight or we have a natural weather issue again.


also look into food grade DE (Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth) it is fantastic and better for you than any store bought  chemicals for bugs, fleas and intestional worms just to name a few.


  1. I admire and love you so much, Lady Libra. Strength truly comes from the heart and your heart stretches from Virginia back to Cali!

  2. Lady Libra,
    you are truly awesome and I am proud to call you my sister and friend.