Friday, July 2, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for

I was thinking as I was falling asleep the other night, which is usually not a good thing for me in the terms of a good night sleep.
I was thinking of what to blog about next that was relevent and interesting and of course that made for a restless night.
All kinds of thoughts popped in and out of my brain as I tried to sleep in my waaaaay comfy bed and the ONE thought I kept coming back to was GRATITUDE.
So here I go starting at the begining and I am looking for input on this one.

I am grateful for Air, the feeling of it going into my lungs and how good a deep breath feels.
How the Air feels against my skin on a warm summer day.

Apples and the tart crispness, there bright red, golden yellow and happy  tangy almost sour green calling to me in the produce section.

and third...
Adventure accourding to the dictionary it is a noun, a hazardous or uncertain undertaking...hmmmm not sure I agree with that one but i can see how it applies.
The second deffinition unusual or exciting experience

I am liking that one, that is the one I am on.

to be continued...

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