Sunday, July 4, 2010

Independence day... what are you choosing to break-free of?!

I had to share this from Jairek Robbins Facebook page, he always askes the best questions that can be life changing.
I see this day as an opportunity to finally take a stand, get rid of all the junk that has been slowing you down (mentally, emotionally, physically...etc.) and FINALLY show up for the life you have been dreaming of... here are a few questions that might help!! (you might also want to find some of your favorite powerful music to use while going through these...)

Imagine a day that gave you the opportunity to declare your independence from any and all things/thoughts/people/emotions...etc. that have held you back, slowed you down, or prevented you form living the life you have always dreamed of... What have they cost you in your past? What incredible opportunities have they stolen from you? What results have they ruined? What pain have these things brought into your life? How have they affected your health? Your family? Your relationships? How much longer are you going to settle for this...

What if today was that Independence Day?? Are you ready to break free?
What are you going to declare your independence from?
What is no longer going to be even a possibility in your life from this day forward?
What new standard are you going to set in your life?
Who are you going to be?
Imagine a life where you have been living with this new standard... what would life be like? How would you feel each and everyday? What would your relationships be like? What would be possible?
Imagine living 5 years into the future like that... how would you feel? What would be happening?
Jump forward 10 years, 15 years?? Could you imagine what life would be like!?

What would you do to celebrate your new decision today?? How would you use this time to build upon what's possible in your life? What healthy, fun, decisions could you make to really enhance the overall quality of your life...

Happy Independence Day!!

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  1. happy independence day to you, too! i totally and completely love the way you take freedom to that personal-reflective-real-down & dirty level. *that's* what it's all about! well done. well done, indeed.

    in other news, i found you through mommybloggers and am so glad that i did! :)