Thursday, July 8, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 4

this post will not have 3 things for D that I am grateful for. 


Dogs all kinds of dogs. I am grateful for them because of there energy and unconditional love, they are always happy to see you. I am partial to Pittbulls. they are such a great breed. they are fun ,funny, strong and sensitive all at the same time. Max-million my bubbie, OH how I miss him so. He has been gone for 4 yrs now. he was awesome red nose, red brindle, fat lips, funny, he was and has been the only dog smart enough to go sit on the first step of our inground pool to cool off. It started as him getting a drink and letting the water fall out of his mouth onto his chest, then i put his front feet into the large bucket and he took it from there. 

Now I am a huge supporter of Villalobos Rescue Center in California 

they are also going on to there second season on Animal Planet with there show Pittbulls and Parolees. Please fan them on your Facebook and pass there info around they sooooo need support/donations/volunteers.
they are doing great work educating the masses of this very misunderstood breed.

they also have an radio station

I have a pitt mix. ODE is his name and he is gorgeous.
Shepard/Pitt/Dingo desert mutt dog is how I describe him to people
and in the picture above is Ozzy our chihuahua he has all the power in the house. ODE lets him eat first and when they play ODE lets Ozzy get the toy. they are the Odd Couple for sure. they are great dogs. I love them so.

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