Thursday, July 8, 2010

26 Letters +3 to be grateful for...... part 5

things I am grateful for in


this is a hard one, I am struggling for things to be grateful with E
I think this one will be educational....LOL look an E to be grateful for. but not something I want to blog about.
I am going into the dictionary to find what ever first 3 words that jump out at me

E the very first entry in my dictionary....LOL and the 4th definition is one I like
                The third tone in the scale of C major or he fifth tone in the relative minor scale.

eggs, I like eggs  scrambled and the bread lightly toasted. egg sandwich yummm.

and the very last entry in my dictionary is

Extrados - meaning the upper or exterior curve of an arch......hmmm who knew.

and of course there is electricity and extinguishers

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