Wednesday, April 24, 2013

NOW is The Time for a Complete 180 in my Life

It is almost a year since my last blog post.
My family and I are now home on the West Coast and it is time to LIVE LIFE.
There is no longer time for existing, HAPPINESS IS IN LIVING!

Honestly I was stuck in a pity party of replaying my life and all the choices and handling the fear of others as my own and seeing how it was and is holding me back from my happiness.

I have dreams too, outside of being a mom/wife and all that entails.
I allowed myself to get lost along the way of my life and now after kicking my self and hating myself and struggling with wanting to move forward but allowing myself to be held back and blaming others for stopping me, sabotaging me with their fear as well as my doubt stopped me cold every time.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ..............banging my head against the wall.
I know I'm not the only one who stays home to parent and raise the children that this happens to.
I have a good life, I know I do. Im not going to complain.

I'm changing my personal happiness with a complete turn around a full 180 of everything I have ever known and done.

Finances - Reading, learning and getting knowledge to correct the errors that have been           

                   made that has not befitted me and my family in any way.
                   Making money in more than one way, more than one outlet.

Relationships - reading learning and changing the choices in the quality of them and how to 

                    improve the ones I am in and want to keep.

Happiness - Doing daily something that makes me personally happy, and if you know me at 

                    all that is Crocheting for
                    My heart sings with hook in hand.

How are you going to improve your Happiness?

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