Sunday, September 16, 2012

Keep your word to your self first

My last entry was a P90x redo into my b day tattoo flop
I  have not kept my commitment to my self ...I suck
If you cant keep your own word to yourself then what value are you to your family and friends and how in the hell can you keep your word to them.....

I have a long time friend that is having health issues with high BP and sleep apnea and leg back pain among other things and the meds and the needed weight loss.
its like we reached out at the same time and now being across the country how do we keep each other accountable

You stay accountable to your self and just keep supporting the others with out the i told you so or shame or blame
you cant blame anyone but yourself

I have had a year of not doing for my self with this weight  that I keep talking about and like I bitch at my husband stop talking and start doing

I have a Pinterest board with tons of body weight workouts that I can tap into and other outlets to keep off the boredom so now today TODAY I am going to keep myself accountable and blog about it as I do it with all the self talk about why not and the do to shut it all up


as I just answered the phone and perused Facebook while I was waiting for water for coffee this just popped up and BLAM right in my face
#4,5,8,& 10 as well and various degrees of the rest all my life.

Only I can control and change how my health is and in doing so I will bring along my kids and husband because when I am feeling good they see it and the attitude and mood in my home is great

GREAT!!!!!! :)

So stay posted and see how this 200lb 5'5" person changes grows and shrinks
Yes there will be photos * embarrassed*

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