Monday, August 9, 2010

when you feel the quiver in your knees...

what is that saying?
"when you can't, you MUST" the first time I heard it I was attending my first UPW
(Unleash the Power Within) Long Beach August 2007. 

A bit of back story on how I got there:

My dad called me to ask if I wanted to attend, he had a free ticket, I was hesitant, not really sure if I wanted to sit there and listen to a motivational speaker. (that is all I knew of Tony Robbins at the time), then he said he would be working the fire crew, HUH? yeah he says, you will be walking on fire, I jumped without a thought, yes I want to go yes, yes, yes, where when. and that is how that began.

There are many times in your life when you feel the need to do and you think yourself out of it or you let others get in the way or worst of all you allow others to tell you you can't and then the times where your so uncertain that you stand there looking down or out and not moving. 
Think about those times....think about how you felt and the air and your breath and all the people yelling GO or JUMP or what ever it was to get you to just do something.

For instant, I was little and my dad taught me to swim by taking me to the public pool. We walking to the deep end and he said " I will meet you at the steps pointing across the pool and tossed me in" as he strolled I dog paddled to the steps. have been swimming ever since. 
Yes it could have ended badly I could have sank like a rock but I trusted my dad and met him on the other side.
Then I wanted to jump off the diving boards and of course my dad being who he was, let me.

My little 6 yr old self walked up the ladder and walked to the end and looked and saw him off to the side and jumped, no doubt that he would be there if I needed him. 
If my memory is accurate it took me longer to want to do the high dive. 
That is where my title comes in.
I had climbed the jungle gym at school and stood on top and climbed trees and had to figure out how to get down without falling out, so height was not an issue.

I climbed the long long ladder and got to the top and looked around and then looked down and took a breath and walked to the end. 
I felt the spring in the board and played with it for a minute and realized that it was waaaaay up there. then the wind unnerved me (I got scared) but couldn't climb back down oh God no not that.
Looking down I found my dad and he smiled and gave me the WELL? body language and I jumped and remembered to pull my arms in before hitting the water. 
I remember opening my eyes under water and seeing all the bubbles and trying to remember where my dad was. never the less the thrill was the same. Had that same thrill walking across a 15ft. long bed of hot coals with 4000+ people.
fantastic, wonderful, it is a high of energy that you only feel when you JUMP.

How many times have you stood there wanting to do something and not do it but wish you had later.
How many times have you seen those people on some show some where standing in a harness on top of a telephone pole, full of fear only having to catch the bar that is 4 feet out in front of them. the ones that JUMP , you can see it in there faces the change it made to do it.

It is trusting yourgut and the Leap of faith of knowing no matter what you will be ok.
yea some times that person is not OK they jumped and it cost them bad injuries or there life, the point is they jumped.

"Courage is fear saying its prayers and going ahead anyway"

don't syke your self out of things in life, stand there, even if your on solid ground and pay attention to your body it will tell you the truth everytime. 
Your knees will quiver or bend like they want to jump or go or move forward. and that is your que to DO IT, GO, JUMP, HAVE THAT LEAP OF FAITH!!!
think about it you know that feeling of a pushing sensation and you look to see if someone is doing it, well that someone is you saying GO FOR IT!!!

I am blogging and I am on twitter (@oneladielibra) and I will be opening an store very soon.
I have always wanted to see if I could sell the things I crochet. Now is my time to DO IT!!!!
(some items can be custom ordered for color(baby blankets, bracelets, small dog toys) the rest will be on a whim or as the idea hits me. (hats, clucthes, ipod cozies, coffee cuffs, wrist warmers and what ever else strikes me. 

follow me and see what comes around.

have a great day :)

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