Monday, August 16, 2010

26 letters +3 that I am grateful for.....part N



could turn to the dictionary for this one but I think not


New friends,

I have begun using twitter and have read some awesome tweets and became a follower and now have met some incredible women that are doing it in there lives full of gratitude, dignity, grace and hot bods for some ....LOL

I enjoy reading there posts because they get me thinking about my life and what my dreams are beyond being a mother, wife and all that entails  and how many of us  have lost our selves.

For my son this is a new year with many, many growing experiences for him just around the corner
He turned 5 a few days ago and will be starting school in a little more than a week. Taking the school bus and making friends and learning things from others. I am so excited for him to make new friends and have someone other than me and his sister to play with and talk to and about.

New ideas and ventures

I am a crocher as I have blogged about in the past and I am still working everyday on my craft so I can open my store and make some money doing what I love to do and that I do for all my friends and family when they have babies.
I make blankets and now branching into toys and humanoids and dog toys and maybe jewelry and belts and clutches and who knows what will show up. my newest thing is small dog toys

every single one is made from either recycled yarn from old damaged sweaters or from left over yarn from baby blankets and other projects. no 2 are alike or will every be exactly the same there is no pattern for these. I let them tell me how they will be.
colors can be custom for the pet or the owner .

and the last N


I am remembering to do just that for myself. I have given up so much of me I lost who I was over the years and I didn't like whom I was becoming. My heart hurt all the time my, soul ached and I realized it was because I didn't have me.
I am always meeting the needs of my kids and husband to the point where I have become invisible and for a while I guess I liked being that way but not now. I am doing for me in little ways.
making my things to sell and blogging and using twitter and meeting great people that will enhance my world with there wisdom and comments and smiles and for that I will pass it on through my life and my friends and family and my creations.

I will support those that are doing in there lives because I want to do it in my life as well. GRATEFUL, GRACIOUS, DIGNIFIED, PASSIONATE, FUN, LAUGHING & LOVING.

these are the thing in my head today.

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