Friday, August 20, 2010

26 letters +3 that I am grateful for.....part O

Overloaded is the thought of the day

back to school is Wednesday so there is all the shopping and organizing and getting all the summer stuff cleaned an put away.
Overtime for the Husband and many many hours that will be picked up to get ready for fall and winter.

My house had been a whirlwind of clutter and dust bunnies (where the heck do they come from)
I have taken the summer off, we are now totally off schedule....ahhhhh the dreaded alarm clock is now my enemy for the moment. (how many of you can relate to that?)
soon it will be second nature and the hustle of the mornings breakfast, getting lunches packed and bags ready and the dash up our 300ft driveway to meet the bus, not once but twice. 
Early for my 2nd grader then 2 hrs later for my kindergartener. 

Wooohooo I have a kindergartener, wait? how ? when did that happen? I must have blinked and my round bouncy baby boy is now this funny, thoughtful, happy person. I am in love with him, he is my other man....shhhhh don't tell my husband ...:0)

I am soo excited to get back into our routine, up, dressed, breakfast, quick hit on homework if any then out the door to the bus in an hour............YES!!!!  then again 2 hrs later for my son.....double YES!!!
HMMMMM, what does one do with time to be uninterrupted without  MOM or MAMA being shouted into the air for the millionth bazillionth time, for something they can do themselves. 

To start something and finish it in 5 10 minutes instead of an hour or tomorrow maybe....hmmmmm  *cheesy grin*

I must be sick to be happy about straightening out the closet under the stairs that some how has become the just toss it in room. or the mountain of papers that need to be filed burned or thrashed....OH to get something done .....Nirvana is my feeling when i think about it. Yep I think I am sick in the head.

to have my dining room look like it is supposed to and not kid stash from hell, Perler Beads all over the floor, WWW.PERLERBEADS.COM

Perler ProjectsImage by Meghan L via Flickr

or practice workbooks for school so they don't for get stuff from last year, not that they got used tooo much,
I slacked off this summer (bad mom, bad bad mom) NOT, we had fun.
My kids taught themselves to swim this year, mind you I used to compete in swimming, but they didnt want my help they figured it out alone with the help of swim goggles.....LOL
and for his birthday my son got his big boy bike a 16" something that is just too big but he has figured out how to get off of it with out injury......."HAPPY DANCE"


I secretly am going to make things to sell online keep your eyes open for my store coming to the internet very soon
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