Saturday, August 7, 2010

26 letters +3 that I am grateful for.....part M

this is my M

Making things by hand

I am a maker of things by way of crochet.
I have been crocheting since I was about 5 or 6, my grandma taught me.
I have many many memories sitting with her practicing my chains and then granny squares.
I made a bunch of blankets for all my dolls and as I got older I made baby blankets with simple stitches. Now I can read all the pattern books and make all kinds of things. 
In the picture below are a few of the humanoids (amigurumi) and a bear and my very own created Uber Lubb, its the pink monster.
All will be for sale soon on my Page which I will post for when it is up and running.

The one thing I cherish about crocheting is how it keeps me close to my grandma and now I will be teaching it to my daughter and son when they are more interested in doing than watching...LOL

I am branching my crochet into making small dog toys that are firm but soft enough for little dogs to play with unless they have the kill instinct then they wont last long. My little dog loves his toys and brings them to me often to kick across the floor.
I am very excited to branch out into hats, purses and children's clothing with my crochet.
I am researching crochet jewelry now that my nickel allergy has progressed to the point that I am not able to wear my wedding ring or any jewelry that is tight to the skin. 
Also I am very excited about upcycling my crochet items as in using t-shirt, old sweaters and Plarn (plastic yarn) made out of grocery store bags. 

This is the decorative detail on a baby blanket.

Now I will be introducing my Ugly Lubbs.

Hi I am Plurbb, I am a lovey only an owner will love. I am a travel pillow and friend. I am a girl, I have a purple and blue ruffle on the back and this cute flower on my front. 
I am made of recycled plumish colored yarn taken form a damaged sweater, the only new yarn on my is my hair and the colored decorations.

Hallo I am Blibb, I am sassy and rock a funky loopy hair do. I am a free form design meaning there is no pattern for me. I am an original.. :0)
I have a necklace and long thin arms for little hands to hang on tight and not lose me in the store.

And now Uber Lubbs

Uber Lubbs are small and monster cute, a lot of fun.

Hiya I am Plibb, I am a free form creation with frill and curly arms, I have a ruffly skirt that I just love. I am not perfect nor do I want to be.

I also do coasters, washcloths, ornaments and all kinds of great items for that gift your hunting for.
If you have any questions drop me a message and I will be happy to help.

I will take custom colors for the humanoids of the monkey and the skat cat, I also had a rabbit and a girl in the works will post for them another time. also custom colors for baby blankets
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