Saturday, September 17, 2011

P90X kicking me arse

Yesterday was the first day with the program and well it kicked me arse.
I am not in any kind of shape other than fluffy and round.
Had to do a lot of modification just to sorta complete the exercises.
and yet didnt get to the cool down or the ab ripper.

so here it is measurements as of yesterday
neck 15"
right arm 15"
left arm 15"
chest 41"
waist 40"
right thigh 26"
left thigh26"
and lastly
hips 46".....arrrgh :\

ok thats baby fat, really it son was 9lbs even          
NOT.........I am fat with lots of jiggle and ready to kiss it good by.

Did I really just put this out there...... yep........ and there will be before pics and after pics as well....just not today.

The husband even tried the same work out I  finished and well my competitive muscular husband got his arse kicked as well....LOL

So for now I am doing this one day at a time till I am spent and if that means I dont finish the disc for the day then so be it I will get stronger and it will be done and in 90 days

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