Wednesday, August 4, 2010

going green

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i learned about terracycle from a green section in an office supply store.!/TerraCycle?ref=ts
they started out with plant food from worm castings ans moved on from there.
This past April they launched some products into WalMart. Lunchboxes, purses, kites all made out of the wrappers from chips and candy and juice pouches.
they are also taking in Ziplock bags and containers and turning them into cutting boards. This New Jersey based company is doing fantastic things with what we consumers throw away everyday and if you sign up for one of there brigades you can make that trash into cash for your children's schools

This link is for Teens Turning Green, I came across them by accident online, they are all for removing lead from our lipsticks and taking the toxins out of our nail polish they are doing great work trying to make legislation against things that are killing u, these kids are our future and we need to hear them and support them check them out!/pages/Teens-Turning-Green/29471969003?ref=ts

I saw this post about Crayola on my Facebook wall and had to share it. I so love Crayola and all the things they are doing to keep our children creative, and now they are going green, finally!!!

and now Treehugger, they are so full of great green info. they are doing sooo much that i am not able to go into detail check them out.

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  1. thankyou for some great links. How cool that people are turning chip packets etc. into usable things!